Bucket Lists and That Sort Of Thing

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut. I’m really good at ruts, in fact, I’d say they’re my forte. Part of this is because of my ADD, and the fact that if I don’t follow a routine there are -ten quadrillion chances I’ll accomplish anything in particular. Part of it is because I just like routines. I like to know what to expect and how to plan ahead.

But I also don’t like the rut. I love it, and I loathe it. It’s too easy to stay tucked in so comfortably, and the more I tuck in the less I want to leave it until it’s kind of this endless cycle of getting more and more comfortable and less and less engaged with the world around me.

I guess y’all probably don’t care too much about all those cycles and ruts, though. Let’s got on to what I’m going to do about it: the bucket list.

This is my Spring list, and it has a deadline of roughly June 10, just because that’s the end of the school year. I’ve already started a few things because I wrote this list on Easter, but I’m cheating by swapping OUT the exercise item for something far more fun and interesting. Because I did exercise 30 min/5 days a week for one week and that hell was more than enough.

The List:

1) Buy 2 pairs of really good-fitting jeans

2) Go through all my shoes

3) Read 10 nonfiction books – One down so far, Radical Together by David Platt, and one in progree, Follow Me by the same author.

4) Write a new book

5) Go to 3 non-chain places in my city

6) Get a state park sticker

7) Get a chair/couch for the writing office

8) Develop 5 “signature dishes” to cook – made one already, a kind of Hawaiin shrimp thing. it’s fair to middling.

9) Host a brunch

10) Revise a book

11) Master a cookie recipe

12) Bake 7 times

13) Win Lego Batman video game – don’t even start, you criticizers.

14) Get some pet fish

15) Sign up for something writing related – I went to AWP15! But I’m still going to try to do this one.

16) Send two care packages

17) Watch at least one season of at least two new shows – Started Mad Men and Daredevil last night, one ep each. I may stick with them or may not, not totally sure yet.

18) Read all the Harry Potter books

19) Develop some favorites – this is the least specific on my list, but most people have favorites: animals, colors, songs, books, foods. I’ve somehow managed to not really ever develop these, not consistently. And I want to.

20) I’m taking suggestions for item twenty. Something big and marvelous and exciting. Like riding a hot air balloon or something. What do YOU think I should put here??

What’s on your spring bucket list?


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