The Great January Wrap Up

*knocks on blog*

Hello? Hello? It’s me. I was just wondering if you’ve seen my January scampering off or maybe curled up in a corner somewhere? It’s gone missing and I’m a little concerned about it’s health. If you find it just let me know.

Which is basically the sum of my feelings about this month. But never mind that, let’s get to the good stuff:

Reading: I read fifteen books this month according to my Goodreads challenge. If I can read one more tonight I’d be CAUGHT UP which is just madness but I’ll probably save more reading for tomorrow since I’ve already read a book today.  The quick list in order is: The Joys of Love, Yes, Please, The Winner’s Curse, Damsel Distressed, One Past Midnight, Jackaby, The Conspiracy of Us, No Place to Fall, All Fall Down, A Little Something Different, Flights, Chimes, and Mysterious Times, Anna and the French Kiss, Shatter Me, The DUFF, and Heist Society. SO MANY fabulous ones on this list, and none I didn’t like. My head is full of fabulous words.

Writing: I wrote approximately 32k. In the beginning of the month I started working on my Jane Eyre retelling featuring a side character from my Phantom of the Opera retelling, but I also received a ton of feedback on Phantom and ended up setting aside the Jane Eyre book to focus solely on revisions. It’s super hard for me, quite doubty and fit-making, but also really amazing to see it slowly taking shape into a new thing that still looks a lot like the old thing but has something much prettier and more vibrant than before. For the most part. There are still obviously some rough patches, but it’s getting there according to my lovely writing friends.

On that note I connected with an amazing CP and reading/critiquing her revisions is a) absolutely amazing because I adore her words and her work and it just delights me and b) super helpful because as I think critically about a work, it cements things for me in my work as well.

My writing world has been filled with amazing conversations, supportive friends, and really exciting things this month – and also some hard things and a whole lot of angsty self-searching, but that’s to be expected. On my road to being slightly more okay with less perfect, it’s going to be a little bumpy.

Balance: I’ve watched two full seasons of White Collar and I’m a few episodes into the third. According to my sticker chart I took eleven days off of writing over the course of the month which were mostly due to weekend visitors or really late nights at my day job, which happen more frequently than they should but that’s a balance I’ll figure out later 😉 I’ve cooked quite a bit, and been buying and mostly eating more veggies and fruit. I’ve only exercised about five times this month but that’s five more than in December (hides) and I started doing Duolingo French again somewhat consistently. I even played the piano a few times. I started taking melatonin recently to help with my sleep, and it’s been much more regulated than my poor night owl brain has ever managed on it’s own. And maybe the most exciting thing, I have had ZERO BIG SYMPTOMS of my movement disorder this month, and it is the longest I’ve gone since getting ill two and a half years ago. I can’t even express what this has meant to me.

My house is also clean right now, but that’s mostly because my sister came to visit recently and she is An Angel.

So that’s been my month – maybe not as productive as I could have been, but working hard for that balance. And I’m pretty happy with it! So it’s your turn to spill my lovely friends. How was January? Making words, reading words, cooking delicious things, maybe taking some epic naps? Do share!


One thought on “The Great January Wrap Up

  1. Here: convenient, free, twenty-minute commitment for exercise (from you cousin who only has about twenty minutes of attention for any one exercise at a time). Just be forewarned: yoga with a dog around often results in snuggles, toys dropped at your feet, and face-licking. But seriously, this video series helped kick off the going-to-the-YMCA habit I’ve managed for a month. A MONTH!

    Congratulations on a month symptom-free, and I’m super amazed by how many books you read.

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