The Spaces Between

Whoa so hey there, bloggy friends. Did you think I fell off the planet?!

I kind of did! Well, not precisely: here’s some of what happened-

I did NaNoWriMo and wrote 75,000 words between Nov. 1 and Nov. 24. The book morphed from being straight Robin Hood retelling to including magic and switched from third person past tense to first person present 20k in. That should be fun to revise.

I got bronchitis

I finished moving into my new house – well, mostly. Don’t look under the couch. Or in the closets.

I filled a hole in the wall. Yes, it was there when I moved in. Just didn’t know about it before I moved in.

I bought books. Lots of books.

I was in the PitchWars showcase and it was fab! The people I met during that contest are amazing and I will be forever grateful!


And now:

Now I’m in a waiting time. I’m taking a break from writing for December. It’s my tradition, because I’m a fast drafter so usually over the course of a year I write 5-6 books and revise 1-2…in other words, there’s a whole lot of output for eleven months, and this year has been incredibly stressful at times in not-writing life too (finished grad school, moved, job hunted, bought a house and moved again, started new job) so December is a really important time for me to decompress, relax, and completely refill the tank.

But it’s hard, y’all. It’s really hard.

I am a writer. I’m many other things, but being a writer shapes my interactions with the world and with other people. I see the world in story, and everything makes me think of characters and plots and things. So to take a break from expressing all of those things is very weird, and I’m finding it alarmingly unsettling. You can ask some of my friends – I’ve been moping, restless, and I’ve eaten a whole lot of cupcakes and peppermint kisses.

But it’s good. It’s important to separate yourself sometimes. I’ve had a million ideas just over the week I’ve been off so far, and I’ve had time to fidget with little projects, play with ideas, daydream, and otherwise toy with concepts. I’m taking some time to think over my hopes for my writing career, what I want it to look like, and what I need to do to get there. I’m making plans for the blog, too, and setting some goals for 2015 writing, and for 2015 life too. You can only do your best writing when you’re connected to yourself and to the world, and sometimes writing itself puts a filter up between you and everything else around you. It’s easy, sometimes, to describe a situation to yourself the way you would write it, or to have a small voice in the back of your mind during an important conversation with a loved one whispering how this conversation would go in a book, or to only process your emotions as you put them into characters.

This makes your writing powerful. But it also keeps you from fully experiencing life. And we need to, sometimes.

Over the next couple weeks I’ll tell you about plans for writing and plans for this blog, and I’m already full of excitement! I’ll also read a whole bunch of awesome books (Just started the Throne of Glass series and kids, this is a good one!) and send out some gifts for the first time since grad school began rendering me impoverished, and I’ll finishing cleaning and arranging my house, and bake, and go Christmas caroling, and be in a Live Nativity, and come up with a million more book ideas.

And then when January comes, I’ll know who I am, and how the world is, and what it all means in it’s realest, tangible sense. And then I’ll be ready to tell a story.


Tell me, do you take hiatuses? What do you love/hate about breaks from writing?


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