Help Me Revise

As this NaNoWriMo draws to a close and I complete another novel draft, I’m turning my eye to two things: a month off, and revisions. I’ve taken December off the last few years, and since I keep a pretty strict writing schedule all the rest of the year, I really look forward to catching up on reading, giving my house a good clean, and just being able to do exactly as I please. If I end up writing, great, but my focus will be on refilling the well and starting 2015 strong.

And with that in mind, I want your help! I’m making 2015 the year of revisions and really focusing on honing books I’ve already written along with new drafts, and I’d love to hear from you: which of these projects should I revise first in 2015? All three are YA contemporary and books of my heart- so which sounds the most interesting to you?

HARROW’S ROW: A teenage girl in a small mountain town must uncover the secret giving the town’s leader power before her twin is forced into a modern day arranged marriage.

RUBY AND GLASS: When a girl moves in with her grandparents in their seniors-only community and a homeless boy gets a job at the local college, she must set aside her fear of becoming as flighty as her mom and he his fear of becoming like his abusive dad in order to save themselves from the local white supremacist group.

WINTER BLUE: A boy crossing the country to meet the dying grandpa he’s never known connects with a girl trying to keep a failing radio station alive when he calls in to her Sour Songs radio show, and when a freak snowstorm hits, they are thrown together for a Christmas unlike any other.

You can read more about these on my Books page if you want more information- and then let me know, which project should I revise in January 2015?!



3 thoughts on “Help Me Revise

  1. Ahh! I’m torn between Ruby & Glass and Winter Blue. SO GOOD BOTH OF THEM. So yes. Both of those. Good thing I haven’t read the first one yet, or I’d tell you to do that one too.

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