Liebster Award!

Hi friends!

I was tagged by the lovely and outrageously encouraging Kate Winell for this fun award, which means I get to answer a set of questions, then spring another set on some of my unsuspecting compatriots! (Evil laughter)

So, without more chatter, my questions!

What do you write; genre, catergory, etc?

I write MG and YA, both contemporary and fantasy. I’ve dabbled in NA contemp too. One of my new most favorite things in the world are retellings, and I expect to write several in the next year or two 😉 You can see more about what I write on my books page!

When do you write?

Almost always at night. I work full time so night is when I have the time to immerse into the story. If I can I do sometimes like to squeeze in 1k before work though. Makes me feel supremely accomplished.

Why do you write?

I write because I love stories. I think stories make us and shape us and let us understand ourselves and the world. Also, if I didn’t tell stories my head would be SUPER crowded.

Computer or notepad, pencil or pen?

Almost always my computer for drafting, but a pen and notepad for initial plotting, for drawing story arcs, brainstorming, freewriting, etc.  I also like to do at least one round of edits on paper.

Noise, if so what kind, or silence?

Noooooiiiissseeeee!!! I thrive in loud environments like visiting my parents and the chaos of all the family being home. I’ve written at coffee shops, in a lobby waiting for my sister to finish an audition, in a moving van, on a swiftly deflating air mattress in Florida, on a basement floor during a tornado watch, and inside a closet. I like noise and change in my environment, and I always have a Pandora station picked to match the WIP. Or, sometimes, just one song on repeat. I wrote half of the book before my current WIP listening to Pompeii by Bastille. Do you KNOW how many times one song can play over 35,000 words? DO YOU?

Describe your current WIP in less than 20 words.

Robin Hood meets Mulan plus magic 🙂 Alternatively, Robin Hood from Maid Marian’s perspective.

Agent or editor – which would you rather be?

Ooh. Probably agent. They are crazy busy and overwhelmed but they get to be part of every stage from dream to first sentence to wicked middle doldrums to glorious completion. I love helping people develop ideas!

Which book do you wish most of all you’d written?

I am desperately jealous of Vicious by V.E. Schwab. Absolutely in my top ten best books ever, probably the top five. Vying for top slot.

If not a writer, what’s your dream job?

I love my dayjob, wherein I spend hours building with Legos, playing games, and coloring pictures and get paid for it. My other most favorite job was working in Life Enrichment for seniors.  Basically I love jobs where I get paid to have fun and listen to people’s stories! But for me that ultimate dream still would be to be able to make a living writing, and just fill in with my other passions.

Dream date – doesn’t have to be a book character.

Oooh. Well just going by level of attractiveness, I’d say Zac Efron, because holy moses. BUT Gilbert is always going to be my number one book boyfriend, followed by Peeta, and of course, sappiness in full swing, I sure hope I get to go on a date with someone smart and funny and oh so handsome who turns out to be my husband some day!


Thanks Kate – those were really hard, but very fun! And now I get to pick ten questions and a handful of victims! 😉

1) What is the weirdest thing you’ve researched for a book?

2) What book character would you be for Halloween?

3) What is the best writing snack? Defend.

4) What is your life quote?

5) Kissing or killing scenes?

6) Most recent book you bought?

7) Best book you wrote in 2014?

8) The seed that sparked your current WIP is…?

9) Pantser, plotter, or somewhere in between?

10) The shippiest couple ever to ship  in the history of ever is…

And I tag my AMAZING Pitchwars TeamHooked mentor, Brianna Shrum, and my outstanding teammate Margarita Montimore, as well as the delightful Tabitha Martin and my sunshine Marissa Fuller! Haha, bet none of you saw that coming!!


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