A Day For All The Things

Here’s a little roundup of the crazy, fabulous, interesting things occurring this week/month:

NaNo started! As of writing this post Sunday night, I’m at 7k with no real idea what’s going to happen and a whole lot of absolute delight in the story! This is my Robin Hood retelling, although at this point I’m pitching it as Robin Hood meets Mulan plus magic 😉

The Dark Carnival Anthology is out which means I’M PUBLISHED!!! Or at least, it should be out- there’s been a bit of a glitch with Amazon, but hat’s all fine because one way or another it’ll work out and I AM SO EXCITED!!! I can’t even tell you what it was like to open a book in my Kindle app and see my name next to a story title there.

I’ve had the plague for the better part of the week, including a fever and racking cough. I got kicked out of work Friday afternoon and didn’t get to go to a family wedding I’ve been waiting for for ages. It remains to be seen if I will attend the workshop I’m scheduled for tomorrow (today) or not.

I submitted my PitchWars entry! If you don’t know what it is, PW is, in sum, an amazing yearly opportunity to be chosen to receive a mentor and work with them extensively for approximately six weeks, then participate in a showcase where agents can see your pitch and first few paragraphs and make requests. I was so outstandingly fortunate that I got chosen by Brianna Shrum to be part of Team Hooked, and my alternate showcase is coming up November 6th! More to come 🙂

so there you have it- November is starting out pretty amazing for me, and I hope it’s just as glorious for you! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s excerpt of my NA urban fantasy serial, and Thursday I’ll talk about a blog award I got!



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