The Time Has Come – Introducing Martyrs And Thieves

Remember that serial novel I talked about starting?

Well, I almost backed out. Just real talk there. But I didn’t, so without further ado I present the pitch and first line of the serial novel that Will Be.

“Vivan Armitage is on the cusp of inheriting her father’s business, which might not be so newsworthy, except his business is the care and keeping of magical creatures – and the study of how to use their magic to help humans do the unthinkable. Vivian has spent her whole life around dragons, unicorns, phoenix, and every other kind of creature. There’s nothing they can do that surprises her. What does surprise her is people. And not in a good way.

When a handsome man strolls into the labs with an infuriating smirk and the ability to take over anyone’s body with a flick of his wrist, what should have been a simple transfer of name becomes a dangerous clash of power. And when Vivian’s sister, silent since the tragedy that killed their mother, disappears, Vivian will have to decide if everything she believes and practices about the responsibilities of power is more important to her than the lives of people she loves. And she’ll have to decide soon – because each time she goes up against the handsome stranger, she must take in magic to use power, and each time she does, she loses one day of life.”

There you have it – the pitch for what is theoretically going to be a serial new adult urban fantasy novel – Martyrs and Thieves.

The first chapter will be up next week, but let me tide you over with this first line:

“The pain of a phoenix burn was somewhere between stabbed in the thigh by a unicorn horn and being slapped in the face by a flying monkey wing. Distracting, but not so much so that Vivian didn’t also notice the way Saul had trapped her dad in the corner again, super serious business face in place and smooth talk flying a thousand words per minute.”


So friends, now that you have the pitch and the first line, what say you? What are you hoping to see or not see in this here wannabe novel?


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