Meet My Villain Blog Hop

Hi friends! Just look at this awesome, AWESOME blog hop! October is the IDEAL month for villains, wouldn’t you say? This hop comes courtesy of the fabulous Kyra Nelson, and you can read her post here! This post is based on PHANTOM, my YA contemporary retelling of Phantom of the Opera 🙂

1) What is the name of your villain?

Gabriel Hanson

2) What motivates him/her?

He’s quite a tangle of things, some of which you never really find out about, but I’d say he’s motivated by the idea that music should be absolutely pure and free of all the messes people can get themselves into. In a sense, he also fancies himself burdened with the responsibility of righting all the wrongs in the world and looking for a kind of justice that might not exist.

3) What is the villain’s relationship with the main character?

He is her tutor and, as the story progresses, the one voice of sanity amidst some very scary events.

4) What is one thing your villain is afraid of? What is their weakness?

Gabriel is afraid of people. He would never admit it, and all his machinations are to try to take that power back, but he’s been betrayed and hurt in many ways, and it’s left him afraid of everyone.

5) What is their greatest strength?

Gabriel’s greatest strength is his ability to persuade people. The way he speaks inspires them and he’s adept at reading people and giving them what they need, so long as it serves his purposes.

6) Does your villain have any romantic entanglements?

Not necessarily, because he’s older than the main character by a fair amount, but because of his nature and the nature of the intimacy they need for her to learn music the way he wants her to, they have to become extremely close.

7) List one random fact about your villain.

He’s an extremely, virtuosic -level talented violinist.


So that’s the hop, y’all! I absolutely adore a good villain, so please – if you want to participate, just answer the seven questions above and let me know you did! And don’t forget to check out Kyra’s awesome blog for the chance to win an amazing critique!

I am officially tagging Tabitha Martin.

Happy Villainous Monday!

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