New Ventures

Good morning friends! This will be a hasty post because the minutes click away fast before the workday starts, but I wanted to check in with you all and announce that I broke my slump!
Some of you might know I was working on two books, an MG dark comedy and a YA spies book, but I was floundering after the move, feeling like it didn’t make sense anymore and I couldn’t find the characters voices.
A friend gave me a list of five things and challenged me to write a book about them, so I am. I don’t want to tell to much, so as not to jinx the highly superstitious project, but here’s a really quick summary:
He’s driving across the country to say goodbye to the grandpa he never met. She’s struggling to keep the family radio station alive. When a freak snowstorm throws them together, along with his 12-year-old deaf survivalist sister, it makes a Christmas none of them will ever forget.

Happy Thursday friends! And Happy Words!


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