Back To School: WrapUp Edition

Well, here we are at the last day of our Back To School feature. I’ve had a lovely and fabulous time hanging out with you guys a little extra and with a little more focus than usual, and I’m so glad you’ve been willing to hang out with me for this month!

I don’t have much to say – we’ve had some amazing guest posts, featured some outstanding authors, reviewed some absolutely glorious books, and dived into a bit about our favorite characters and stories. Now there really isn’t much more to cover, except to talk for a moment about promise.

Not just any promise. The promise of tomorrow. The promise of getting better. The promise that this year is going to be our best year yet, that these next words will be our most beautiful, that this page, this pen, this story, is going to change the world.

Is it now? Maybe not. But soon. One day soon. You’ll get where you’re trying to go and you’ll become who you’re striving to be.

For now? Sit up in the morning. Watch the sunrise. Sip your coffee. Let the puppy sleep on your feet as you watch the mists dissolve and the sunbeams pale from gold to lemon to snow.

Take a breath in the afternoon, when the pressure of your work or family are pressing heavy on your temples. Stretch your arms, arch your back, think about possibilities. Have a snack, ask yourself what stories the people around you can’t reveal, and then focus in again on these secondary passions that pay your bills and keep the ones you love going.

When you come home at night, listen to your steps echo on the pavement. Watch the shadows crowd in close, feel the lick of first cool breezes, watch your fingers tap across the keys. When you cook, savor the textures of the ingredients under your fingers, when you’re doing laundry watch the plot swirl into the water too, and as you vacuum and sweep and help with homework and finish up extra projects, be thankful that you’re here, that you’re breathing, that every sense is alive and every moment is a precious and fleeting thing.

Before you go to bed, stand in the window and watch the stars pinpointing out, silver streaks of history blazing with singular purpose. Hold hands with your loved ones, sip something warm, watch the words formulate, slowly and then all at once, and realize that breath by breath you’re creating a living thing, independent of you, something with existence that may, that will, outlast you.

Now is the time for you to be gloriously alive. Now is the time to find faith, abiding faith, in your stories. Now is the time for you to believe. To step forward. Now is your time.


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