All Our Inspirations

Welcome to Back to School – Week Four! It’s the final week in our back to school series, and I’ve had such a fun time doing this with you guys! We have one more awesome guest poster this week, and a few random thoughts from me of course 😉

And I have some of those random thoughts ready for you right now! I know you’re excited!

A new school year always raises my creativity level and gets my energy level up. Cooler weather, an air of studiousness and learning, and the reintroduction of a schedule all combine to do something for my writing that summer just can’t. So, in honor of Fall’s advent, I’m sharing with you three things that are super inspiring to me right now, both in writing and in life, and where I hope they’ll take me.

1) Facing the Giants

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. It’s maybe a little cheesy in some parts and some of the acting isn’t outstanding, but the message is so powerful. From this movie, the story of the underdogs finding their strength in something much greater than themselves and learning to rejoice in everything that happens, I have gotten my life phrase: Prepare For Rain. You can’t say you have faith in something unless you’re preparing for it to happen – ask for it, believe it will happen, and then behave as though it will come. That way you’ll always be ready for the very best.

2)leslie This picture is EVERYTHING to me right now! I adore Parks and Rec, as anyone who’s spent thirty seconds with me knows, and Leslie is pretty much my hero. I love her passion, enthusiasm, and industriousness, and she gives me hope that despite all my schedules, lists, and lunacy, people will still like me too 🙂 This picture reminds me to pursue absolute excellence in everything and to find the positive and joy in everything.

3) This video is for some reason super inspiring to me – I haven’t nailed down quite what it is right now, but I’m feeling the shift from light, goofy, breezy summer into deeper and darker fall, and this video is feeding into that. I sense a story forming on the horizon, though I don’t know what it is yet, and that in itself is inspiring. I’ll keep on writing, until the last story is told.

Tell me friends, what things are inspiring you as the new school year ramps up?


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