Back To School: Magic and Mystery

You guys today I am SO HONORED to have an OUTSTANDING guest post for you from my gorgeous and joyous and wonderful friend Marissa Fuller. Marissa is an editor over at Anaiah Press, where I did my publicity internship, and she is a hilarious, passionate, and genuine person I consider myself very lucky to know. And YOU can all consider yourselves lucky today, because as this week’s Back To School Guest Post author, she’s going to take us on a trip to a place almost everyone adores: Hogwarts!

Ahh, September. The beginning of a new cycle of learning for most grade school hooligans. Perhaps the most iconic back-to-school day of all time is September 1st. The day that the Hogwarts Express leaves Platform 9 3/4 of Kings Cross Station, winding its way through the Scottish countryside, through our hearts, and finally stopping at Hogsmeade Station. From there, Hagrid shepherds the ickle firsties across the Black Lake, and, well, you know the rest.

Perhaps the greatest part about Hogwarts, in the heart of the reader, is the magic beyond the magic. What I mean is, what is Hogwarts without magic? Still unflinchingly magical. So much so that we all wish we could attend. Why is that?

Well, J.K. Rowling has said herself, when asked why the books were so very British, that the idea of a boarding school, while necessary to leave the children able to get in to all sorts of secretive behavior, there is also a particular feel in a place like that. A place where youths are without their parents, with teachers as the only adults in their world. It fills the castle halls with the magic of youth—can you remember feeling limitless, unstoppable as a child? Imagine several hundred children living together, feeding off of that special kind of magic. A magical mindset in which all things are possible.

Which is, I feel, how we all go (or went) into a new year of schooling. A fresh start; the open cover of a book, just waiting to be read.

Reading a book is a wonderful metaphor for going through life. It’s a great book—truly monumental. You want to tear through the pages with a wild fervor. But we all know the best way to enjoy the very best books is to savor them. To restrain ourself and read only a chapter or two at a time. To live in that world just a little bit longer. To live in this world.

So, savor this book. Savor this next chapter of your lives, be it a school year, or just another year of searching the deeper parts of yourself—though I wholeheartedly suggest sneaking at least a few books in there, as well. Live on. Read on. Write on.

After all, as a great man always said, words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.

Isn’t Marissa fabulous?! You can follow her here 🙂

Stay tuned the rest of this week for more Back To School goodness!



2 thoughts on “Back To School: Magic and Mystery

  1. Suddenly I was wiping a tear from my cheek. What the words “Savor this next chapter of your lives…” meant to me at this moment. A lot. I feel like I’m at the edge of a cliff and I’m scared of what’s coming… I can feel something converging. Will it be terrible or wonderful… I don’t know. But I have to remember to live! Great post!

  2. Hi Kathy! Your comment about your feels is giving me the feels! This post really took over and wrote itself…I’m almost certain magic is the answer here.

    So happy you enjoyed it, and I am sure your new chapter will fall on the side of wonderful.

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