Celebrating: The Gateway Through Which They Came, Heather Marie

gatewayHi friends!

Welcome to week two of Back To School Month! Today I am so, so super excited to share a book with you which I absolutely loved, and an author who I admire and enjoy very much – here’s Heather Marie and The Gateway Through Which They Came, which is out today!

First, I got a chance to sit down and chat with Aiden, the main character from Gateway 😉 I asked him some questions I think you’ll want to hear the answers to!

1) What is your life quote?
“Never trust a Bleeder.” You never know what they’re capable of.
2) What’s your first or earliest memory?
The color gray, like the side of a rocky mountainside. A color so cold, but on the inside it’s hard as rock. I’ll never forget that moment—that last time I ever saw my father—as I witnessed the sadness in his haunting gray eyes the day he left us behind.
3) If you were an animal what would you be and why?
Can I be a T-Rex? I really just want to be a T-Rex.
4) What would be the perfect first date?
I suppose if I could make it through a night without a Bleeder crashing the party, I’d say dinner and a movie sound pretty damn good right about now.
5) What is your secret talent or ability?
Okay. If we’re putting aside the whole Gateway-for-the-dead thing, I’d have to say my ability to pop my shoulders out of my sockets makes for a party favorite. Seeing people cringe at the sound is the best part.
6) What’s your dream career and why?
Hell, if my life could be at all normal, I’d be up for anything at this point. But really I’d love to design video games. Trev and I spend so much time playing them. It only makes sense that we learn the mechanics of our obsession. Of course, our other friend Evan would be there to provide the beer.
7) What’s the top item on your bucket list?
Reuniting with my father, protecting my mother, and finding Koren. Those are the only things that matter.
Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Black, no sugar.
Ocean or mountains?
Morning or night?
Since I have to choose, I’d say morning. But only because I can see the Bleeders coming for the most part.
Sweet or sour?
Sweet, like Koren’s lips.
Winter or summer?
Winter. Bleeders reek in the heat.
Thanks Aiden! – especially for that last image.
Now for a bit about Gateway: I was lucky enough to get to read an early copy of it as part of doing of the blog tour, and IT IS AMAZING. GATEWAY handles some really challenging questions about death and purpose with great grace and poise. The narrative is tight and compelling, and I stayed up late to finish. If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you know that one of the things I love most in a book is when I can’t predict what happens. I’ve read so much in my life that I tend to have a sense about where a story is going, even when it’s told with excellence, so when a book can still surprise me, it automatically jumps up to my favorites. Another thing I loved about GATEWAY is that it didn’t try to provide answers and solve all the issues and questions it brings up. I love a book that challenges the reader to seek answers on their own and, by telling the story of something that could be, challenges assumption of what is and what we want it to be.
I recommend GATEWAY for anyone who enjoys a thrilling story, supernatural elements, and a brilliantly imagined tale!
And finally, a little bit about GATEWAY’s fabulous author!

Heather-AuthorPhotos-3-WEBSIZE (2)Heather Marie lives in Northern California with her husband, and spends the majority of her time at home reading. Before she followed her dreams of becoming a writer, Heather worked as a hairstylist and makeup artist for several years. Although she enjoyed the artistic aspect of it all, nothing quite quenched her creative side like the telling of a good story. When the day had come for her to make a choice, she left behind her promising career to start another, and never looked back.

Purchase on Barnes and Noble here or via Amazon.



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