Back To School Flash Fiction Contest: Round One

It’s here friends!! Today we’re going to start the first round of Back To School month’s Flash Fiction Contest!

The way it works is this: I’ll give you a prompt, and do an example, and then you will have one week to post your own flash fiction piece in response to the prompt in the comments section. I’ll choose a favorite, and you’ll be featured in next week’s flash fiction post, AND I will critique your query or the first page of your book (does not have to be finished, and if you don’t want anything critiqued that’s okay too :)). Note: I’m not super great at writing flash fiction, so take my example as more of a cautionary tale than anything else!

HERE is your first prompt:

In 250 words or less, write about a first day of school

Example: If Mallory’s legs were any heavier, she would sink through the crust of the earth straight into the molten lava center. She coughed exhaust as the bus pulled up and trudged to the door. Maybe she would faint. Maybe she would combust.
Mallory climbed the steps and tried not to look at anyone as she sank into the first seat.
Mallory jumped. She’d hadn’t noticed the little kindergarten boy on the seat next to her.
The boy squinted through his Harry Potter glasses. “What grade are you in?”
“Third. Is this your first time at school?” Mallory hoped no one would see her talking to a little kid.
“Yep. But I’m actually a superhero. Shh, no one can know.”
“If no one should know why did you tell me?”
The superhero grabbed the torn leather seat as they lurched forward. “You look like a good sidekick. I need one.”
“I’m taller and stronger than you.” Mallory kept her voice low. “Plus, I’ve gone to this school before.”
“But you’re still scared today. And I’m not. I’m fearless!” Superhero Boy crowed.
Mallory glanced back at the other kids, laughing and talking. Maybe Superhero Boy was right. They could be a team. Then she wouldn’t be afraid.
“Fine, but it’s top secret. No telling anyone else.”
The kindergartener put a finger to his lips, kicking his legs happily against his seat. Mallory leaned back in hers and glanced out the window. A superhero. She could get used to that idea.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! You can post your stories in the comments until August 27 at 5 pm Central.


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