It’s PitchWars time y’all! *cue flailing and cannons filled with sparkle confetti*

If you don’t know what PitchWars is, you can go right here and read all about it. Basically, what you need to know is that PitchWars is an absolutely amazing opportunity to study under a mentor and suck all the wisdom from them…I mean, if a mentor chooses you, you get to work with them for about two months to rip your MS up and put it all back together again so that when you go into the agent round at the end of the revision period, you have the best possible chance of getting lots of interest! Every step along the way is amazing, from meeting new people in the Twitter thread to the idea that I might have the opportunity to learn from someone whose own talents and abilities have helped them build a career, to the possibility of catching agents’ eyes.

In anticipation of this super fun, super exciting event, I’ve created a little bio below for potential mentors – and also other mentees who are swimming through the internetsphere – so you can all see why you want to pick me!!


So let’s get the normal stuff over with first (fun fact: I rarely have time for normal. It’s highly overrated.). I am a publicity intern at a small press and also do some publicity work and behind the scenes help at Pen and Muse. I have short stories appearing in a couple of anthologies this year, one through Safkhet Press and one through Pen and Muse Press. In dayjob life I’m a school social worker and I’m starting a new job this year which I am thrilled about. I also just bought my first house! I finished my master’s degree this past spring, and before that when I wasn’t working or writing I did community theatre and played a woman who had her own radio show about books in rural Minnesota- so basically I got to rock the spoofy accent and wear horrendous sweaters for thirteen performances in two towns. I drive an old, cantankerous car named Millie, my favorite food is pizza (with pineapple!), my favorite shows are Sherlock, Parks and Rec, and Big Brother (shhhhh), I think everything is better with sparkles, and sometimes I remember to be an adult (but rarely).

NOW for the fun part – why would you want me for a mentee?

Well. *coughs, polishes I’m Awesome badge*
*badge slips and stabs me, because these things always happen to me*

First of all, my MS is a retelling of Phantom of the Opera set in a Charleston Youth Orchestra. There’s a whole lot of ghosts that may or may not be ghosts, a friend with the fashion sense of a goth disco ball, a boy with a left-tilted smile, a reclusive tutor, and lots of music, plus a handful of nerdy music jokes. I’m not so crazy as to think it’s perfect by any stretch – perfection should be an elusive goal that inspires us to keep getting better – but I love it very much and basically wrote it to feed into my musical addiction.

Second, I’m almost impossible to offend when it comes to writing. My desire to improve is much stronger than my interest in getting empty praise, and I loved to be urged to stretch my abilities and attempt things I’m maybe unsure of. Because of my dayjob and other responsibilities, I will be very respectful of your time and understanding of delays, but I’m also very open when it comes to communication and try to do a good job keeping people updated about schedules and what I think I can accomplish by a certain deadline.

Third, I will be your new best friend! No wait, come back – was that too creepy? I can do better! But I absolutely love forging new connections with writers and I am incredibly appreciate of the time and work mentors will put into their mentees. I’ll laud your books, retweet your blogs, and sing your praises near and far. There’s nothing I love more than celebrating moments both great and ordinary, and you can bet that celebration will be with and for you too.

Four, I love finding gifs and texting or tweeting them. You wouldn’t know it to look at my blog, because I’m categorically incapable of figuring out how to put them into a blog post, but my ipad is overflowing with Parks and Rec gifs (mostly Leslie but with a healthy dose of Ron) and my phone is about to burst with all the Chris Colfer gifs I send to my sister during her long shifts at work.

Fifth, I like odd numbers best, so I’ll say this: I don’t believe I’m the best writer, or have the most perfect story. But I do believe in working very hard, with singular focus, toward a lofty goal. That’s been my strategy for everything in my life, and while it’s never been easy, I’ve certainly learned that it will pay off in the end. I can be a champion pizza-eater and nap-taker with the best of them, but I’ve also written ten thousand words in a day, three days in a row, and when it comes to my MS, the only thing I’m afraid of is not making it the best it can be.

Okay, so this got super long, and if you’re still here you’re automatically my favorite. Say hi in the comments below, and if you’re also a potential mentee, I look forward to reading your bio too!


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