Conferences, Houses, Coffee

Wow, friends. Last week was a wild whirlwind, but so outstanding in so many amazing ways. Here’s a list of things I did:
Went to first OT appt
Signed papers at realtors office
Had lunch with a friend
Went to orientation at new job
Went out with sister
Signed more realtor papers
Left for MWW
Drove 14 hours
Went to an amazing intensive session on noveling basics
Found out my offer on a house was accepted!
Attended two more days of wonderful learning and growing opportunities
Drove 14 hours home again

So yes, lots of super great things and tons of learning I’ll be processing for awhile. But what I really wanted to post about is the conference- only I have way too much to say for one post. So this week I’ll be posting every day, making up for last week, and covering the People, Places, Things, and Ideas of my experience at Midwest Writers Workshop, and I hope you’ll stick around and share in my fun and learning!

Hope you’re all having outstanding Mondays…if there is such a thing. Here’s to real coffee, long naps, and abundant words.


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