A Plea For Broken Up Things

Today’s post comes from my heart as a reader, though naturally it influences my writing as well. I’ve already read three books this month and I’m starting a fourth, and last month I read seven books in ten days. I think it’s because reading has filled up so much time lately that these things have been on my mind. I’ve been fortunate to encounter some really, really fabulous writing and some amazing stories, and it’s just made me hungry for more. So I wrote this to you, maybe to inspire, maybe to remind, and to urge us all to tell stories with this kind of excellence.

Give Me The Broken Up Things

Writers – give me the banged up characters. Give me your teenagers with old hearts in young bodies, the confused, the caregivers, the oldests and youngests with early wounds, the ones who can’t eat and the ones who can’t help but eat. Give me the anxious, the tired, the ones who want to love but can’t and the ones who can’t figure out where love ends and independence begins.

Writers – give me the twisted up stories. Give me the kids with huge dreams of impossibilities, the ones so smart they can’t figure out life and the ones who know how life works and dare to dream anyways. Give me the geniuses, the inventors, the ones who make it through disasters, homelessness, grief, and success and find that things are both the same and can never be just the way they were.

Writers – give me the lessons couched as beautiful sentences on glorious pages. Remind me that love will always be imperfect, that trust can be broken, that sometimes reality supercedes the dream, and yet that it is still worthwhile to love, to trust, to believe. Tell me about the hope below the grief, about the soft moments at the center of pain, about the single ray of sun in the middle of rain.

Writers- give me the need. Tell me why this person full of hate, this villain I find so easy to dismiss, has a soul I need to know. Make me love with all my heart, cry with all my tears, and celebrate with all my joy. Tell me why this stay at home mom as value, why this boy with the learning disability is going to change my world, why this little girl, that girl in the wheelchair, that boy with the glasses, that girl who’s afraid of falling in love, that man whose worked the same job for twenty-five years, why they make the world go round and why their thoughts, their experiences, their essences need to be captured against time and change.

Writers – give me the feeling of being everywhere and nowhere at once. Tie me to history, connect me to the future I can’t see. Give me all the maybes, the whys, and the never will be’s. Take me far away and remind me of my home. Show me I can be better. Tell me I can be more. Open up my world and shake it upside down. Knit my heart together differently.

Writers – give me your words.


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