Summer Senses Pt. 1

Summertime is a feast for writers. Now I’m much more of a fall girl, and I have quite a soft spot for winter moments, but summertime appeals in a way no other season can. There’s a poetry in it, the colors and warmth and sense of eternal childhood are ripe for storytelling.

So here’s a challenge for your writing- a two part challenge, with the second part to follow later this week.

Today’s Summer Challenge is a descriptive one. Picture a scene- let’s say its a summer picnic. Using each of the five senses, describe the moment in as much rich, intimate detail as possible. Describe the tart sweetness of the strawberries, the wind whistling through tall riverbank grasses, the scratch of the blanket, the warmth of sun on bared skin and the smell of running water mixed with clover.

Pay less attention to the plot and more to the description. Challenge yourself to us all the senses for each character and don’t repeat yourself- and use those senses to reflect that character. A young girl in love would register breezes in her hair and the way the sun dances on her arms. An old, bitter woman would feel the heat and curse how warm she is, how hard the ground is, etc- and why is she there anyways?

If it goes well and you come up with something you love, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have an exercise you use to deepen your writing, especially description, share it!


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