April Check In

My gosh, it really seems like we do this frequently! How the days seem to fly, as that song in the old school Disney Robin Hood says.

Words Written: 64k. This includes my NaNo book about a displaced girl and a homeless boy trying to find their place in the world and a short story for an upcoming showcase. It doesn’t include blogging, or the revisions I’ve started on January’s NA romance book.

Books Read: 4-ish. All four were YA, and then I’m slowly drifting through another YA when I’m just looking for something calm and relaxing, and last night I read the first hundred pages of still another YA. Two historical, one paranormal, and whatever Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is.

Other things: I started applying for jobs this month. I also completed three papers and a presentation and have now turned in MY LAST HOMEWORK EVERRRRR!!!! I also started packing, went out of town for the weekend, got a mouse in my apartment, and had a friend stay.

Lesson’s Learned: I’ve covered many of them on the blog this time, but among other things I know that a) you can write much more, and keep on writing more, than you think you can and b) you also need to take breaks from straight up writing. There have been only a handful of days where I haven’t done something writing related, but in shaking it up between CP work, reading days, and starting revisions, as well as drafting a short story, I’m giving myself a break from Book Making and I know it’s good for me.

Always try new things. My book this month was first person and third person alternating, and one perspective is a teen boy. All intimidating and all things I haven’t tried, but good for stretching and growing.

Once again this month my most important lesson was community. You need people there to celebrate with you, comfort you in frustration, and to feel like someone somewhere is unfailingly on your side. You need tough CPs who can smash a story to smithereens and help you rebuild, and cheerleaders who’ll sing your praises. You need CPs who agree with each other and contradict each other.

Other writers are your greatest resource in this thing, and they’re out there. Take advantage of it.

How was your April?


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