Halfways and In-Betweens

The halfway point of anything sucks.

Halfway through a book is when you realize how many words you’ve written and how far you have to go, and all the plot holes and irritating characters and impossible settings pop their heads out and laugh at you.

Halfway through a roadtrip is when you realize how stiff you are and how much you have to pee and how you still have a million miles to go and all you want to do is take a nap.

Halfway through the last semester of grad school is when you panic because all the homework in the world is due next week and the exam that determines if you succeed or fail at the universe is next week and if you could live under your bed, you would. (not that I would know anything about this)

The in-between of things can be scary too.

Sometimes the in-between is full of amazing plot twists, easy words, excitement, energy. But other times the in-betwee is just waiting – waiting for the story to explain itself, waiting for beta readers, waiting for query responses, waiting to feel like you’re not playing pretend at this writing thing.

Hold fast my friends. You’re going to make it through this halfway space. Exam day will come, and you will pass. (Y’ALL I PASSED MY EXAM!!!!!!) One day you’ll put your hands on the keyboard and suddenly the next chapter will start taking shape. You’ll check your email and you’ll have answers, not just any answers but the ones you were waiting for.

Halfways and inbetweens by their very nature can’t last forever. They’re only half of the way to the end. And that end is going to be worth every tear and every moment you’ve spent here in the in-between.


One thought on “Halfways and In-Betweens

  1. I think the problem with halfways is that we tend to focus on how far we still have to go and the problems that come with it, instead of reveling in how far we’ve come. Thanks for the reminder and congrats in passing your exams. 🙂

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