Picking Up and Walking On

I cried last night. Just throwing that out there- it had been approximately three months since my last cry, and it was time. I’ve been busy, and I adore being busy, but every once in awhile I just have to wash my brain out, even over a commercial or dropping my pen, and then I can keep going.

Because sometimes, that’s the simple truth of it. We need to cry a little. Sometimes it’s because we’re exhausted. Sometimes it’s a rejection, or a harsh critique, or a difficult scene or even, sadly, someone else’s success that just strikes us at the wrong moment.

Its okay. It’s okay to be tired. To feel empty and depleted and word-less. To feel like you’ve come to the end and you don’t see a way forward. Those moments happen to everyone, and whether its cursing or eating or sleeping or marathoning an entire season of something on Netflix, everybody has to take the time to cope with it.

It. Is. Okay. To. Feel.

Now, if you find the feelings are more powerful than you can cope with, or that the usual things don’t help, that’s something to talk to your doctor, pastor, or a therapist about. And even that is okay, because everyone is wired differently. Today my arm shook for five minutes, because my brain doesn’t work the way yours does. Also okay.

There’s no shame in being human and feeling some feelings now and then. The thing that matters- what sets us apart from one another, what makes us as writers find our own success one day- is that, in the end, we pick up and we go on.

You can feel. But what will matter in the end, what will determine if your dreams become realities, is if you take the next step.

You can do it.


3 thoughts on “Picking Up and Walking On

  1. Thank you for this, Jamie. I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve been having some on and off bad days where it feels like everything is crashing down on me, but it helps to talk to others, and I just have to think about how it’ll get better but how it’s also important to feel down sometimes so that you can be happy when you’re having a great day.

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