February Check In

Did I not just do January’s check in? Seriously. What is even happening with this year??

Anyways, on to the details.

Books read: 8. One adult, Five YA, Two MG. One I didn’t like much but finished anyways, one that I’m still thinking about and can’t even figure out if I liked it or not, and six I love love loved.

Words written: This gets tricky for reasons I’ll explain next, but at least 17k

Projects done: I finished the book I started in January, the NA contemp. I then spent about two weeks revising my MG fantasy, which is why the word count is hard to determine. I know the book grew by at least 7k because it gave me a heart attack going up that much, but with cutting and adding and this and that it’s pretty hard to tell for sure. I also blogged pretty regularly three times per week here again, and I approved edits on a short story getting published in an anthology! I don’t have all the details yet but when I do you’ll be the first to know, of course. And then, finally, at the end of February I started two new projects – the first is another MG book, about a trio of smart and slightly stuffy siblings and their magical summer nanny. It has pirates and fairies and a silky black cat. Just so you know. And the other project started is a collaboration with two of my excellent writing friends. I don’t want to say too much about it yet, but suffice it to say I’m incredibly excited about both the book and the chance to work with my amazing friends!

Words for your Road (what I learned): As you may have been able to tell from several of my posts, revision is hard for me y’all! Hard, but incredibly exciting. I don’t know why, but this is the first time I’ve felt like I really UNDERSTOOD revision – I knew it as a concept, and often I could identify issues in my books I wanted to fix, but I felt lost as to how. This time, circumstances were such that I was able to get out of my own head and just dive into it, and instead of taking what was there and tweaking it, I asked myself every time how it could be completely opposite. There’s always more to do and more steps before perfection, but I absolutely adored it in an entirely different way from the crazy wilds of drafting, and I can’t wait to receive beta responses and dig into it again. I also learned that I love working with other writers. Collaborating, asking what ifs, jumping into whatever they’re doing, it’s all an entirely different kind of adventure.

Takeaways – Don’t be afraid of revision, and don’t be ashamed if you don’t get it yet. It’s very difficult to imagine the world as different than it is, but also very powerful. Always ask why. Don’t settle.

If you get a chance to collaborate, take it. You might love it or hate it, but you’ll learn about your own style and process very quickly – and you’ll soon see that collaboration is like improv theatre. Always say yes.

How’d you all do in February, friends?


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