The Flash By My Window

Hi friends!! I am boiling alive in the firey swamps of revisions, but just wanted to pop on for a second and share one of the little pieces I’m working out in my own book.

The magical one time appearance characters.

So far in this draft I haven’t done too badly, though in other books I have chapters littered with these strange beings. But I’ll use the example I have in front of me.

In the original first chapter of this book, the main character is described as having been in conversation with “Tony, the highschool boy who cleaned after hours.” Y’all, this Magical Tony doesn’t show up anywhere else in the entire book. He’s one hundred percent irrelevant to the story. WHY WAS HE THERE, BRAIN?

So that’s my bite-sized suggestion for your work today. Look through the book and find these sneaky little characters who waltz across your pages just once, never to return. If you want them there, if they belong, find where they belong at least once more in the story. Justify their presence. If not, which of your established characters could possibly fulfill that function- maybe even in a surprising plot twist?

if you need me, I’ll be here, rowing frantically across the fire swamp.


3 thoughts on “The Flash By My Window

  1. Haha, I just confronted one of my own magical one-time appearance characters the other day when I was revising. My guy was “Melvin, who ran the convenience store on the corner.” We found out a lot about Melvin for the next page or so and then he disappeared, never to be seen again for the entire rest of the draft.

    What WAS my brain thinking? 😉

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