Check In and Some Words For The Road

Hi friends 🙂

So one thing I thought might be interesting to do is a little check in at the end of the month, talking a little bit about what books I’ve read, how many words I’ve written, and what sorts of things I’m working on. I can already hear you naysayers informing me this is a week into Feb already (I can’t hear you, lalala) but I’ll try to get it closer to the actual end of the month going forward.


Books read: Five. Three adult, one NA, one YA. Two I adored, one I liked in a deeper sort of way, one that disturbed me (as it was meant to, but not my favorite feeling) and one I didn’t love so much.

Words written: 57,000

Projects done: I posted pretty consistently at three times per week on here. In terms of books, the first weekend in January I was starting back to writing after taking the entire month of December off, and was attempting to write a book I was really excited about. But I couldn’t get into it and the words weren’t coming right at all, so in frustration I sat on my living room floor, opened a document, and started spewing words. This word spill blossomed into an NA contemp romance about a girl who wants to have more fun and maybe meet someone and therefore starts saying yes to everything, but runs into trouble when she says yes to so many things she almost loses herself and the guy, too.

I also came up with approximately nine shiny new ideas, but my ADD is a subject for another post or twelve.

Words for your Road (i.e. What I Learned): Don’t be afraid to shake things up. Don’t be afraid to break things, make messes, follow rabbit trails, challenge yourself, change your ways, burn old words, find new ones, take risks, dig deep, and get personal. The results can be worth it.

That’s it for me friends – what other things shall I add next month? And what did your January look like?


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