A Little PM Update

Hello, amigos!

I’m cooking up a series of posts on various things and such, but thought I would take a moment to let you know a few things.

The first: if you look right up by the top of this page, you’ll see two new tabs – BOOKS and ALL SOULS SEEKING. In the first, you will find fascinating tidbits about the books already written and the one currently stuttering it’s way out of me. In the second, you will find one of my short stories.

Please note – short stories, not a strong suit of mine. SOULS is not a great story, but it was one I enjoyed writing and one I love, warts and all – and since I think you guys are pretty great, I thought I’d share it with you.

The second: A friend and I have started a Shiny New Project – NA In The Real World! I’m super excited about this thing, which is a place to share your stories. Remember the time you ate an entire box of pizza solo because your final sucked? How about the time you locked the keys in the car and walked six miles only to realize your dorm key was on the same ring? Maybe you once had to walk out of Walmart, leaving behind a mounded cart of groceries, because your credit card was maxed out from moving expenses, and you sat in the parking lot and cried? (That last one…that so didn’t happen to me. Nope.)

Well, we want those stories! We plan to start collecting and sharing the unsexy, unsung, hardly-even-whispered tales of real-world New Adult experiences both via Tumblr and, if intriguing enough, through interviews right here. So come on…we know you’ve got some unfortunate memories of your attempts at this thing we call adulthood. Share away!

Tell Your Story

So, this is not much of a post, but it’s a little something for your Monday night. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the next two hours making fun of the people on The Bachelor.


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