Book Review: Draw Me In, Megan Squires

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draw-me-in_megansquires_ebooksmDraw Me In
Megan Squires
Publication date: January 7th 2014

He’s a young, up and coming businessman with the keys to his family’s Italian wine enterprise.

I’m a fine arts student, navigating life in the Big Apple, my pencil and sketchpad in hand.

We meet. We fall in love.

But it’s not that story.

Sometimes, by a rare gift of fate, two lives cross paths. And hey, if that happens to occur when staring at Michelangelo’s naked masterpiece, even better. We can tell our future children how a seventeen-foot tall marble guy named David brought us together.

But there’s always more to a relationship than its beginning and ever after. In life, there’s a whole lot of backstory. There are ex-fiancés and hot roommates and family members whose advice continues, even beyond the grave.

When you say you love someone, it’s never just that one person you’re saying it to. And it’s never just that one moment that sets everything in motion.

There is always more that draws you in.

Review: Draw Me In is a sweet, light-hearted love story that does an excellent job of encompassing the internal upheaval people experience as they attempt to make their way into the larger world and figure out both who they are, and who they want to be. Julie and Leo both have their own hurts and hangups, but are able to see past those to love each other – and that love is not so perfectly selfless sometimes, which makes it all the more human and real.

There were some things I had a difficult time with – in general, Squires uses a great deal of description, which can be great for getting into the story, but other times seemed to bog the plot down and make it easy to get more confused, instead of less. The one thing in the story that really bothered me is a passage in which Julie breaks one of the machines at work and is, essentially, doused in the boiling hot water from inside, but then carries on as if nothing happened. I was screaming, “No! Emergency room, stat!” But aside from these things, Draw Me In is a fun read for lovers of romance and art, and has some definite deeper moments as well. Julie says at one point that other people carry makeup to change themselves, but she carries her art supplies to change the way she looks at things. This might hint at one of the most important themes in Draw Me In: the world, and the people in it, are basically what we make them to be. Don’t close doors, don’t build walls, and don’t give up – because love might be just about anywhere, no matter how unexpectedly.

meganThe Author: Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer–though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep

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