First things first. Yes, it is night time. *nods*

Yes, I did already post today. *nods*

HOWEVER, today is PitchWars! What is this madness, you ask? You can read all about it here AND you can read about other hopeful mentees here.

But this post is all about the fact that I am a terrible Internet-stalker-of-people-I-like, including the wonderful mentors of PitchWars, and so when another potential mentee came up with the idea of providing our own bios in the spirit of stalking reciprocity, I figured it was only right that I join in.

how to play

So, for my PitchWars friends/fellow competitors/possible mentors, HI!

For the rest of you, have a seat and take in the crazy. And don’t worry, Thursday there will be a bookish post as usual.

Thirteen Reasons I Would be the Most Delightful Mentee Ever:


1) I really wish I was a geek – I desperately want to like Star Wars, or Doctor Who, or whatever else. I’m just not good at it because I’m too forgetful and can’t remember to like things. So, basically, I am an open soul for you to convert to your particular fandom.

2) The things I DO like, however, I go wild crazy fannish over: see The Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, Christmas, cupcakes, owls, Michael Buble, and of course BOOKS. Some people call it annoying, I call it passion.

3) On that note, I have been called many names: Pollyanna, Anne of Green Gables, irritating, and “a little too happy.” So basically, I will inundate you with joy about EVERYTHING. Almost everything.

4) I am excellent at things like getting lost, missing the parking space, stringing Christmas lights like the queen of kindergarten, and tripping over myself. You will look like the most graceful, wise, adult-ish person ever when you’re with me.

5) I’m dedicated. Right now I intern for a publishing company, work part-time, intern (supervised practice hours towards my degree)14 hours per week, attend classes for my Master’s for 6 hours on Saturdays, and volunteer. I am paying for my entire degree out of pocket via money I’ve saved, and by the time I graduate I anticipate having written six to seven books over the two years of graduate school.

6) I’m also careful. I have actually written nine books, but only the last two have reached the point where I am ready to start pursuing publication. I read the things I send approximately half a million times (though inevitably I still miss things, due to an undeniable state of humanity) and I plan for things far in advance.

7) I am a MASTER of dessert making in microwaves and crockpots. I live in sad little basement apartment with no kitchen, so just you ask me about my mug cakes. I dare you.

8) I talk about coffee all. the. time. I like to go out for coffee with people, I like to stick a mug of coffee in people’s faces when they come to visit, and I never start a day without it. However, my passion for hot chocolate and apple cider runs a very close second, so basically if you like warm beverages we’ll get along great.

9) I’m super open to conversations around ideas – I really value people’s opinions and expertise, and I love to just brainstorm ideas and see what could be. Collaboration is one of my favorite things in the world.

10) I can be intensely focused. Despite the crazy you see here, when I focus I can drown out every distraction known to man (trust me, I’m the oldest of six without counting numerous foster siblings) and can get work done quickly and well.

11) My love for freaking out about favorite books with people is only equaled by my love of finding new books. So basically, whether you’ve read the same things as me or not, I’m going to adore you because you are a Book Person and therefore my favorite.

12) I like odd numbers of things. This number right here bothers me. I like odd numbers because something stands out – I want to add that “just a little something more” and not be satisfied with good or even great, but find the wow and make it happen.

13) I love adventures. They frighten me, but I love them anyways. And most of all, I’d love for you to be the one going on it with me.

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5 thoughts on “#PimpMyBio

  1. We must be kindred spirits! I was dubbed “the eternal optimist”. Perhaps we could reciprocate joy on each other’s social platforms? FB, Twitter and blog? I would love it! Best wishes on Pitchwars! What did you write for it?

    1. Wonderful! I use Twitter along with this blog, the link is on my home page 🙂 Anyone who uses the phrase “kindred spirits” is definitely one!
      My PitchWars sub is a dark contemporary YA about a girl who lives in an isolated mountain town with her sister and plans to leave after graduation, but her plans change when she learns of her sister’s arranged marriage and a dark family secret that puts her dad’s life at risk if her sister tries to get out of it. There’s one sexy, dark-haired boy, one slightly nerdy red-haired boy, and some skywalking for good measure!

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