77,000 Words in 22 Days – A Retrospective

Assuming that you are all still here, and will forgive me for having dropped off the face of the earth, here’s why: I wrote a book this month.

As you know, I did NaNoWriMo, but what I didn’t mention before was that this month was an extra kick for me: I wanted to write not just 50k but enough to finish the book, and I wanted to have it done before I leave for my parents house on the 26th.

My friends, it has been done.

Despite working, despite three papers being due for grad school, despite registering for classes, going to my internship, finishing necessary readings, sitting in class all day on Saturdays, movement disorder flareups, and a weekend caregiving for my grandma after her surgery, it. is. done. And you know what else, on top of that? Of course it needs editing and tweaking, and some things added in that fell by the wayside from beginning to end, but it doesn’t suck. It really doesn’t.

Hopefully I don’t sound too braggy, because I don’t mean to be (read: if you want to be impressed I certainly won’t talk you out of it, but that’s not the purpose of telling you this).

The reason I’m telling you is because I don’t want you to sell yourself short. I want you to think of the greatest dream, the deepest wish, that you have inside of you, and then I want you to chase after it. Because what this month has taught me, more than anything else, is that things are possible.

Will you have reasons you can’t achieve? Yep. Will many of them be very legitimate things? Definitely. But can any of them hold you back if you muster up your drive, your ambition, your stubborn refusal to be held back, and all the force of your gifts and passions? No.

I won’t say if you dream it you can do it, because I know that’s not true. I can dream all I want to about becoming a sparkly flying unicorn and it just is not going to happen. But if you can dream it, you can work towards it. And if you don’t reach that ultimate goal, another one will come along in it’s place, and you will do more than you ever thought possible.

Believe, friends. You can do great things.


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