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Hi friends!

Today I’m super excited to be participating in the tour for Kristin Pulioff’s new short story, The Ivory Tower.

The Ivory Tower is a peek into the world of Simone, an orphan living in a protection camp in a future time. Simone has lived all her life in the camp under the protection of the guards, knowing that beyond the walls is contamination, danger, and suffering. Simone struggles, however, to follow the rules thanks to a love of fun and an interest in the world around her. One day, that interest in the world takes a dangerous turn.

The Ivory Tower is an intriguing look into the ways in which people convince themselves of a truth that is more convenient than reality. Though short, the story is realistic in it’s parameters and speaks honestly to both the curiosity involved in pushing the boundaries, and the consequences of those actions. I particularly appreciated that the results of Simone’s actions were natural and were neither exaggerated nor magically done away with. Give The Ivory Tower a read – you’ll be given plenty to think about.

As a part of The Ivory Tower’s blog tour, I’ve been given a Top Ten to present to you guys, so without further rambling by me, here are the Top Ten Ways Simone’s Protection Camp is Different than a Summer Camp:

10. In summer camp, you get bright new shirts. Simone gets scratchy burlap.

9. In summer camp, lunch is an overflowing buffet, not a surprise bag of scraps.

8. The only leather shoes in summer camp are handmade moccasins. In Simone’s camp they are the rigid polished boots of the Colonel.

7. In summer camp your leader wears a whistle and a smile. In Simone’s camp, he wears a dome hat and scowl.

6. In summer camp the crafts are wood carving and jewelry making, not factory sewing.

5. In summer camp, you know where you are. In Simone’s the designation of protection had long faded.

4. In summer camp, parades are fun. In Simone’s, parades mean the Colonel is coming.

3. In summer camp, exploration and hiking is encouraged. In Simone’s camp, it is a restricted activity.

2. In Simone’s camp, games come with unexpected consequences.

1. In summer camp, your new nickname might be “Woodland Fairy” not “#277.

So there you have it! You can learn more about Kristin via Twitter @kristinpulioff or on her website,


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