Overheard: First Thursday

Overheard is a new post I’m hoping to share regularly with you. It will be short and simple, but hopefully lots of fun.

I spend a lot of time with kids these days, and their conversations are ripe for exploitation in all manner of stories. This will be the space in which I share such delightful tidbits with you.

Before I get into that I have to say: I FINISHED THE BOOK LAST NIGHT! Yes, it needs revision, as all books do, but I’m so excited about it and happy to have made it across that finish line again. The best feeling there is, yes?

Anyways, on with Overheard:

On the playground-

Girl One: “Did you know that when we get to fifth grade there’s a dance?”

Girl Two: “Ewwwww!”

In the classroom-

Staff: “Remember that you can ask your friends for help if you are sad or scared.”

Little Girl: “What if we accidentally ask a bully?”

During work time-

Little Boy: “I’m drawing a picture of a robot who eats popcorn and is going to ride in that taxi.”

Me: “Okay-who else is in the picture?”

Boy: “That’s just my mom.”


Keep your ears open this Thursday my friends. you never know what delightful thing is going to surprise you!


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