Radio Silence and Song

You guys are still here!

Me too.

Let me recap the last approximately two weeks for you, and maybe you can forgive the absence. My sister stayed with me for an entire week, which was absolutely amazing, but wow! I knew it must be extremely difficult to work, have kids, and even think of watching one of your own shows, let alone get some writing done, but I didn’t realize just how hard. I adored having her here, but my admiration for any parent that is able to write, especially single parents, but all parents writing novels, maintaining blogs, etc, skyrocketed as a result of that week!

This was followed by an extremely busy week of playing writing catch up. I did, at long last, finally finish the rough draft of my novel! You may assure yourself there was great rejoicing- I wasn’t positive I could pull that thing together, but in the end, there it was! I spent the several days after that revising,polishing, fussing with and, at last, submitting a few short stories to various places…

And here we are.

So. Some takeaways for today, because this post would just be nonsense without them. First thing: there is never NO time to write. If you have to scribble 200 words on a notepad by flashlight in the dark, you can find five minutes to put something down, keeping your mind drenched in the creative. Second, while you’re at it, a busy life may include only short and small bursts of production, but you can live in the center of an observing and embracing mind- always keep all your senses attuned, ask questions, go down the side trails. There are many adventures to be discovered.

Third, and finally, don’t give up just because your progress is slow or frequently interrupted. Embrace time with those you love, because you don’t know how long you’ve got them, and keep all those ideas and dreams and emotions bottled so that when you do sit down to create, it’s all right there waiting for you. After all, life is the stuff stories are made of.


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