New Worlds

As writers we talk all the time about how wonderful- and at times exasperating – it can be to play with words and forge out of them the story that seems to want to be there. We also like to flip out over our favorite books, new and old. Meeting people who like the same books as you is like meeting a best friend, especially if you both happen to like some obscure title no one has ever heard of.

Side note- for any of you artists or dancers or designers out there, do you do this? Form friendships based on a similar affinity for Monet, or Beethoven, or a spare and streamlined interior?

My preteen sister is here to stay this week, and yesterday we got to talk about books. For hours. She read The Face on the Milk Carton (anyone?) in three hours, and is halfway through her first time ever reading A Wrinkle in Time. Mattimeo from the Redwall series (fans?) is next up and she told me that while I’m at work, she’ll be reading, or working on writing prompts I give her. She loves to write, and took huge delight from reading me the multitude of short stories she has created in response to these prompts so at this summer.

If you’re feeling down about writing, or any art form really, remember these moments. The firsts. Recapture that joy, the excitement of first discovering what becomes a lifelong favorite, the thrill of creating things you were proud of, long before you knew to worry about form and style, substance and shape. Let go of all you know now and just DO. The adult in you will fix the mistakes and missteps later. LOVE creating, like you used to.


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