Flash Fiction Friday #3

Good morning everybody!

As per our new tradition around these here parts – why yes, I did not get sufficient sleep last night, thanks for noticing! – I have another flash fiction for you.

I’ll tell you the prompt and give you my story, and I’d love if you jump in and compose your own flash fiction along the same lines. If you do, be sure and comment below so I can find yours!

The prompt: I’ve forgotten this one exactly, but it had something to do with write a scene that occurs in a parking lot. 150 word limit.

The Late Shift

Callen wrapped her arms around herself, tucking her hands into the sleeves of her deep green shirt as she followed the path of artificial store light spilling across the pavement. The lot was nearly empty, nobody went grocery shopping at ten on a Thursday night. Strands of black clouds wrapped around the moon, laying patchwork across the cold glow. As Callen approached her car, she clutched the strap of her purse. She took out her keys, ready to unlock the door and climb in in one smooth motion. A blue sedan was parked in the space right next to hers, the two cars paired off in a sea of empty spots. Callen drew even with her car, and as she did, through the windshield of the sedan, the orange end of a cigarette flickered to life.

Good luck everyone – and Happy Friday!

PS: Get excited – I have a Super Fun Post for next week, featuring…somebody not me! Keep an eye out for it!


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