Dreaming Dreams

Isn’t life just a lovely thing?

There’s always the potential for surprises, something delightful might be around the next bend.

I can truly say, even when I’m the one bending (It’s true – I’ll tell you all about that part someday) and even on the very worst of worst days, there is always at least one small joy twisted up inside the day, if you search hard enough.

People sing songs on work voicemails. Others bring you unexpected lunch on stressful days. Sometimes the sunrise paints the clouds in blush and fire, sometimes there’s woodsmoke on cool air, sometimes there’s frozen lemonade on blazing days.

I’m finding that with my writing, too. There’s always a new dream lurking around, and there’s so much in life and writing that I knew so little about just a short time ago. So many paths to take, so many adventures to make. With that in mind, this is your fair warning. There may be new things afoot here.

As I make many new friends in the writing universe, there may be some additions to the site: I’m hoping to slowly start featuring other writers who, like me, are just starting to get going on this dream, and are determined to get there even if it takes a lifetime. People who write for the love of the words, regardless of all else.

I’m hoping to show off writing that inspires me, whether from beginners or more well-known folks (I’ll try not to do any quote-blasting, but I make no promises.)

And I would like to do still more talking shop: focusing in on the art and craft, the interplay, the brain drain, the way all facets of life combine – all that is the life of writing and, truly, of all art and creating.

I’d also like to sometimes showcase other types of art, because I believe all things made by human hands can feed the soul and meld with one another into a wonderful tapestry that expresses things often missed. Photography, design, painting, music, theatre, dance – we all strive to make a mark and to share bits of life with one another. And that’s the most important thing, I think, is sharing.

So get ready, y’all. It may be slow, it may be quick – who can predict the path a dream will take? But I firmly believe I’ll get there, and hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Aside: if you believe you might fit into the categories above and are interested in some sort of collaboration, please feel free to comment below with how I can check out a sample of something – a video, a piece, etc – and I will follow up with you if I find it something that connects with me.

A Happy Week to You All!


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