What Are We Without E?

That’s not a trick question – we without e is just w. As far as I know.

However, I saw a challenge round about the Internet to write a 55 word flash fiction without using the letter E.   I found it on Austin Briggs’ site, and because I am a Chicken Little, I am not submitting mine – but if you’re braver than me then by all means: jump on over there and get yourself some spending money!

I’m thinking of starting Flash Fiction Fridays here, both to keep me working on the – in my case at least – extremely difficult task of telling a tight, concise story, and to make me a bit more of a regular poster!

So, in honor of this potential (read: definitely potential, since I often fall out of good habits and back into questionable ones like only emptying the dishwasher when I can’t find a clean fork anymore) here is what would have been my submission to this nifty challenge.

I really do suggest you give it a go – I struggled extremely, it was a fabulous exercise in finding new words for things with a limitation as stringent as “no E’s”!

Sins You Carry

Our girl winds through a city without harbor, no port in storms of your making. This is not my affair; you and I split and it was so. Our girl is without support but you stay lost in a world of what you had long ago. My hands hold no spot –yours carry all guilt.

Yessiree – flash fiction is a challenge for me and will continue to be…but one I embrace in celebration of being donedonedone with the first year of graduate school. We have all summer to make many words together!

Whether you do or don’t submit to the contest, I hope you’ll at least share your attempts at a 55 word no E’s flash with me!


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