What Every Story Has

Is a beginning- yes?

I certainly hope it does, or it would be terribly hard to tell.

Tonight’s story begins with how, in preparing for this post, I almost burned my apartment down. Yes, I’m eating grilled cheese. No, I do not think the now-added note of carbon adds to the taste or subtracts from the calories.

Regardless, that’s the beginning.

Now, for the next part: also known as the middle.

I put in for a raffle to get into a pitch contest that might lead to an agent – sadly, the rafflecopter did not land on my helipad, but I thought I’d just go ahead and do part of it here anyways. Now, you’re supposed to put up your query as well, but that I just felt was awkward. So instead, I will just share with you the first approximately 250 words of my novel, as the contest would have required.

Paper Moon on a Crystal Sea:

Padgett McClane was taking out the trash on the day the sky fell.

A cloud of cloth – blankets, sheets, pyjamas, pillow cases, dresses, pants and all tumbled down around him in such upheaval that for a moment he wasn’t entirely sure  the world as he knew it hadn’t ended – but he didn’t mind, not really.

Padgett’s world was built on routine. In the morning he swept the fireplaces, cleaned the floors and dusted, then after breakfast it was on to a multitude of morning chores, each one prescribed and planned out. He knew, before a day began, how, where and when it would end, and before the next year began he knew precisely how it would flow.

The seasons determined everything. And Padgett McClane would not have been sorry if the laundry that fell around him that sunny late morning signaled the falling of the sky and the ending of the world as he knew it.

When he discovered, however, that the sky had not fallen, Padgett went right on taking out the trash. The grand home, towers and ramparts rising to the clear blue sky, was a firm comfort at his back as he journeyed into the woods to the burning pits.  The forest was cool and dark despite the midday heat, and Padgett welcomed the shadows. His shirt was soaked through already with sweat; the kitchens were no place for anyone who couldn’t handle the weight of dampened clothing. Dirt and rocks crunched beneath his shoes as he staggered down the narrow path, laboring beneath the burden of the garbage bags.

So there you have it – those are the first few paragraphs of the novel I wrote back in November. The sequel, by the way, The Sea Between and Eternity and Time – oh yes, that entire thing was drafted in April Camp Nano, thank you very much. Only one book left to complete the trilogy! But more on that another time. For now, I’m editing madly and working a few side projects – and trying to finish graduate school for the year. Anything to share, y’all?

(In case you missed it, that last paragraph? That was the end.)


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