Small Fires, Little Pools

I did it, you guys! I finished the whole darn book in one month!

The initial goal was 50 thousand words, but when I reached that and realized a) the story wasn’t done, and b) there was still five days left, I decided to try and really push myself- I wanted the rough draft of the entire thing done by the end of the month.

Last night, or this morning, rather, at 12:07 am, I typed the last of 74,612 words and hit save.

I think I’m drunk on satisfaction- or exhaustion. Either way.

i think sometimes that’s really why we create- to bring joy, beauty, happiness, into the world, yes, to excite and entertain our readers, make them believe in magic or perhaps question belief itself, true. But also because there are innumerable treasures along the way.

The one truly lovely sentence you wrote. The first sentence. The last. Finding out who the characters are, what they want to say. Discovering a hidden motivation. Understanding why a particular name has haunted you. They don’t come easily, but these wonderful moments are found nowhere else.

So maybe, every now and then, even when the going is rough, we should take a moment and just bask in the deep satisfaction of creating and knowing. Because it is a delight, indeed.

Tell me: what have you created lately that brought a smile to your face?

Bringing Home the Light


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