Let the Sunshine Chase the Shadows Away

Who could really go on with anything without pausing a moment to think on yesterday’s events? Such sadness and pain certainly deserves not just our awareness, but our silence. Our honor.

And yet, we can’t remain silent too long without giving darkness power, which is exactly what it seeks. Hope is stronger. Love is greater. What your response really ought to be, not just to yesterday’s events but to each sorrow that greets you on the path- and there will be many, life is at it’s essence pain and joy mixed so closely together that we can scarcely tell them apart sometimes – is to ask what you have done with your day, with your time – and what you will go on to do, with your “one wild and precious life”.

If we remain silent too long, it is surrender. If you are like me, it’s easy, even if personally your life goes on unchanged by a tragedy, to feel more like hiding in the comfortable arms of television, pop culture, and other much easier things to be involved with – or, conversely, to dwell in that place of sadness, helplessness, and fear, remaining focused on the questions of why them, what about me, and why innocence is so easily lost.

Not us. Not the dreamers, the creators, the artists and writers and believers.

The gifts you have been given don’t come lightly or cheaply. They are both your treasure and your responsibility. Speak, for those who cannot. Breathe life into people worn by the sadness of the world. Replace silence with music, doubt with beauty, fear with resounding courage. Your art, your abilities, they are your duty to give to the world. You don’t have them without reason.

So yes: mourn with those who mourn. Be silent, cling to those you love, and be thankful you’re alive. But then face yourself and decide – what will you do with this life in your hands?

Never be content to remain as you are. Give until you have nothing left to give.


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