A Bit of a Teaser

I don’t consider myself a tease- I’m actually quite terrible at flirting. Unfortunately, my life could actually BE one of those horrible stories about the awkward, blushing, clumsy girl that trips on things and spills all over the place. Equally unfortunate is that nobody in real life seems to find it particularly charming

All such faults aside, I thought I would share a bit – but only a bit – about the novel I’m currently working on.

The sequel to Paper Moon on a Crystal Sea, The Sea Between Eternity and Time opens as Padgett attempts to understand the Sight, a gift that is more burden of strange mysteries than revealing visions. Penelope, the woman he loves, has been captured along with her mistress, Lady Rivah, and is under the control of Decca, the only person she’s ever met who can play the fiddle the same way she can. Only, Penny has just learned that her music can bring people back from the dead…but not at her own behest.

Padgett’s Sight has told him that she holds the key so some kind of great power, though he does not know what the power is, or how she figures into the impending war between Alamore and Zelindra – all the Sight has told him is that he must find her, or darkness will take hold.

All Penny knows is that Decca is hiding secrets of his own, and that they have something to do with a legend of harnessing power. And when he plays, something beckons her with a promise that she, too, can perhaps harness the power in her music.

That’s all I can tell you,I’m afraid – but I leave you with these:

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is weakness; the truth more first than sun, more last than star” – e.e. cummings





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