You Were Warned

I did, after all, tell you in the last post that I was writing, writing, writing, and so I was.

in the past two weeks I’ve also contracted a deathly virus courtesy or a sibling at Easter, had to start an essay exam for school, and most importantly,


Which also means I am in the throws of drafting the sequel to Paper Moon on a Crystal Sea. I’ve never written a sequel, as I think I’ve mentioned before, and am finding it absolutely thrilling.

Did you know that there are depths lurking in your work – be it your dance, your design, your painting, or your writing, over which you could easily skim, thinking you’ve plumbed all the goodness and revealed it?

I’ve always been a stand-alone person; both of my two previous works are stand-alones. But spending more time with Padgett and Penny is showing me there is much more to the story. New characters are springing up. New legends have been born. And the villain I’ve been striving so hard to make human…well, I at last know his purpose. It’s summed up in a quote I find around the Internet here and there – “Everyone is the hero of their own story”.

You guys, this is exciting.

so, do tell- what uncharted wonders have you discovered in your work lately?


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