No, not those shoes people used to wear. They were ugly. And I’m allowed to say that, because I had a pair of sandals that were in that style, and I regret it deeply to this day.

I mean, what platforms do you find serve you the best as you try to put yourself out into the wild, wonderful world of the internet?

There’s so many options to choose from and, at least at this point in my life, I couldn’t possibly manage more than three, and that would be stretching it.

Twitter I’m trying to use more, that’s a quick way of posting updates and offering comments, and the hashtags provide a great way of finding people with similar interests and pursuits – though I have noticed that it’s hard to find other people, like me, who are just getting started and get out there, instead of already famous people. Not that I don’t like famous people, I just don’t think they need me to build their network.

Facebook I haven’t even attempted to use as a platform, simply because I feel the maintenance would be unequal to the value. Unless, perhaps one of you can explain why you use it and how?

I like blogging, that’s my most natural mode of expression and has already been leading to some great opportunities to meet, network, and explore the creative community.  It also feeds my natural, writerly narcissistic self.

But on top of these three I’ve heard of people using Pinterest, Instagram, and various writing websites, and I know there’s many more out there that I don’t even know about. I just find it overwhelming, with all the options, and sometimes it seems like there’s so much networking to be done that there’s no time to actually write!

Also, how often do you update various things? When I’m at prime, no other things really going on, I can blog three-four times per week, send out tweets maybe three per night four to five nights per week, and participate moderately actively on one writing website. And yet I see people who have crazy numbers of tweets, a gazillion posts on their blogs, and still maintain active Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and actively work the forums on various sites.

I have no idea how they do it.

So tell me – what platforms work for you? How often do you use them? And most importantly, how do you balance marketing and building those platforms with the true nitty gritty of crafting and creating?


One thought on “Platforms

  1. I’ve had the same conversation…with myself. 🙂 I have been using Twitter for about a year. Just started a blog last month – b/c of a great presentation in my local RWA chapter about creating/maintaining a web presence. I think eventually I will have a Facebook page, but right now there’s nothing to “Like” as I’m still working on my first WIP. Haven’t sent it to agents or publishers yet. I’m hoping if I stick to platforms that I actually like using it won’t feel like “work” to keep up with. Good luck with the balance and your projects. 🙂

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