The World is Black and White

Any of y’all ever listened to the John Mayer song “Stop This Train?”

Talk about a song to just drive you nuts with thinking. Most of the people that know me would be surprised, but I do that on occasion, and it definitely can make a body weary.

Thinking takes work.

But aren’t we lucky to be among those who think? Look around you – how many people are running all over the place, scared of getting older, trying to make money and do things that at least other people will think are exciting, even if they don’t; fighting to keep marriages or find new ones, trying to make their kids into more successful versions of themselves…and with all that running they’ve never once stopped and seen themselves or the world around them.

We get to see it. It’s a burden, and a joy all at once. Sounds like life itself, don’t you think?


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