Stars part two

The search for inspiration goes on: other art forms.

I play the piano, and inspiration often strikes as I run my fingers through familiar melodies. I think it just allows me to relax and meld myself into malleable form that can stumble upon new things quite easily.

Come to think of it, music in general is inspiration for me. Often a particular lyric or melody will strike just so, and I find myself diving for the nearest writing implement and scrap of paper. As a side note, who else thinks its the WORST when the pen you grab doesn’t work? Oy!

Photography is wonderful. I once wrote a story by selecting three pictures, and forcing myself to create a tale that centered around those scenes. I also had to do this as a psychoanalysis assignment for a class…but we won’t go there. A beautiful image, sometimes, is all I need to get back on track.

Dance is the final source I’ll explore here – images of impossibly lithe, arching dancers, gravity-defying leaps caught in a moment, the beauty that can be expressed through such movement – it’s astounding.

What sets your literary wheels a churning – or if you work in other mediums, what helps you find your creative juices?


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