Following the Star

I know, I know – wrong season. But I’d like to do some delving into inspiration this week, and for some reason I’ve always pictured inspiration as a white star on the horizon. Because my mind is a vast repository of sappy imagery.

First up: Places.

i find that I tend to have great ideas in very particular places, as follows:

1) The shower. Don’t know why, just something about shampooing my hair must massage good thoughts out of my brain. But then, it’s squire an unfortunate place, really, for ideas, because unless I want to scrawl them in blood from the slice in my leg across the shower wall, there’s little I can do but cling desperately and hope for the best.

2) While doing laundry. I absolutely loathe laundry. My brain is desperate for other thoughts so it dives most gladly into imagination.

3) In church. I’m always scrambling for a scrap of paper to write an idea, a reference, a theme, or some other such thing down to race back to The Notebook of Swell Ideas.

4) Right before bed. Just as I’m drifting off to deep, fulfilling sleep, it strikes like lightning. Then one of two things occurs – I either stay up all night and sorely regret it in the days to come, or I reach blindly for the closest paper, only to wake to an indecipherable scrawl.

5) Work. This is my favorite, because I look remarkably industrious while secretly only furthering my own ends. Cue evil laughter.


So, where does inspiration strike you? Don’t say somewhere accommodating, like your computer. That’s just mean.


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