The Art of Bravery

I happen to be something of a stubborn person. Or so I’ve been informed.

i don’t like to be told what not to do, or that something is impossible. That’s how I ended up with an associates degree before I graduated highschool. That’s how I ended up with three jobs, 18 credits, and a novel in progress in my second year of college.

Thats how I’ve ended up a part time graduate student with a disease and a full time job.

Fine, maybe I’m a tad stubborn. As Sheldon says in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, “I’ll acquiesce to [your statement] if you give me [my way]”.

i just have to apply this same (ridiculous, sometimes downright dangerous, annoying-as-heck) quality to my writing as well. It’s a skill we all need – the ability to bounce back and be resilient, to harness our less than endearing qualities and bully them into our service. With this in mind, my temporary goal is to submit at least three pieces to journals, reviews, or other publications by Easter weekend. One way or another, in my lifetime, I am determined that someone will publish me in something…even if its a “never write like this” book!

What evil quality will you harness for good today?


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