No White Flags, Lots of White Space

My world has turned so white!

White snow. White air. White board. and White space inside my head. It’s a spinning vortex in there – do try not to be alarmed – and I think I frightened a coworker when I glanced at the ticking penguin by the door and grabbed  a pen to scribble a sudden thought down, but it seems like white noise sometimes.

That’s how I always feel when there’s a new book brewing.

There’s some positives and negatives here: “strengths and barriers” as we’re taught to call them in my profession.

Barrier: It’s not one of the works I planned to write. It wasn’t on the list of novels to be born this year, and it certainly doesn’t align itself with my battle writing plan.

Strength: This might be great. Well, great is a wee bit of a stretch…maybe it’s just a wee bit of a possible spring of inspiration that might, at some point, weave itself into something delightful. For now that’s enough though – I’m in the stage where I’m staring at my whiteboard, waiting for the theme to emerge.

The place where sunset colors are brighter, if fleeting in late work hours; where every sensation – the ache in my back, the steam of my coffee, the laugh of a friend and the names of my shampoo and conditioner – send me scrambling for a scrap of paper.

The Idea Growing Place.

Are you there now? Do you wish you were? Sometimes I think this – aching awareness, the sense of living in a dream – this is the magic that makes us who we are as more than just consumers, but creators.

Good things are happening. people. Very good things.


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