Never Wave the White Flag

Remember that dragon – old George?

Don’t worry, dragon lovers, he’s still alive and well.

But I’m not letting him win.

I’ve started a challenge for myself, and I encourage you to join. I found an article online (you know, you follow a link through a link through a link), it may have been through Writer’s Digest email distribution list.

I found a list of about 12 online journals. They don’t pay particularly, but they offer excellent opportunities to test the bounds of what and how I usually write, to stretch my imagination, and to start building up guts when it comes to sending things out.

Some have deadlines. Some have rolling submissions.

Those with deadlines are written in red on a special calendar; those without have also been written in in red in the spaces between.

And you all better be my witnesses and keep me on track.

Between school, and work, and my health: I am going to keep writing. I’m going to write new and different things, I’m going to meet those deadlines, and I’m going to submit new stories.

The work will happen. Stories, stories I would’ve never found, are going to slide through my fingers and come to life, and I’ll grow braver and wiser.

You? You have two jobs. the first, is that you keep me on track. Ask me, see what I’m working on, where I’m at – make sure Little Dragon George isn’t winning.

And two? You join too. Find a challenge. Embrace it. Force yourself, no matter how impossible it seems – there is no impossible. My favorite quote says, essentially, that we have no more and no less hours than the greatest people in the history of the world. We just have to use ours better than we do now.

Let’s do it, shall we? After all, as my Dove chocolate told me this morning: “Sleep late tomorrow”.


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