Open Handed

Oh, you guys.

I’m such a little chicken hearted soul.

You wouldn’t know it, just at a glance, but I am very fearful – and about writing most of all.

Sometimes, I’m afraid I won’t have words.

Sometimes, I’m afraid the words that come won’t be enough for the vision in my mind.

Sometimes, I’m afraid the words will be too much.

And most of all, I’m afraid of the words themselves – because they are pieces of me, and to throw them out into the vast sea of human experience is at times like putting ME out to sea on a precarious raft.

And, given my last canoeing experience, that would be most unpleasant. My family doesn’t let me row anymore.

All that to say: I’ve entered the ABNA competition – you can learn more about it through Amazon. And no matter my fear, no matter the improbabilities, I have to say: sometimes it is utterly satisfying to even attempt the utterly ridiculous.

Below is my pitch – you can take a peek, if you like. I’ll let you in.

“Matchmaker, Matchmaker” :

He’s a matchmaker: he connects the clients with their perfect targets; found and acquired, cash on delivery. When an order comes in, this time from the man who is rumored to make or break those in the business, Erik Moran knows it’s his big chance – and he’s ready to risk everything.

Erik’s made it from the bottom of the heap, bit by bit; fought his own wars and battled his own demons. He may not be a good man, he’s never pretended to be, but there are lines he’ll never cross, not with his sister’s cries haunting him each night. But now, on the fast track to the top, he finds that power is far more unwieldy, and far more tempting, than he had once believed.

She’s a nurse: whether it’s dancing in her kitchen in her underwear or telling a child a story to distract from the needle in their arm, she lives to the fullest. But when the events of her own life are taken from her hands and placed in another’s, Caroline Seeley finds that freedom is an elusive ideal, perhaps now lost to her forever.

Her former life now nothing but memories, Caro finds that she is capable of a love more vast and a darkness more deep than she had ever dreamed. Though her hatred for the men who have ripped her life apart grows daily, her love for her new young charge, Corrigan Merity, captures her even more powerfully.

But what Erik doesn’t know is that Caroline Seeley has a secret. Watched at every turn, Caro finds that right and wrong are terrifyingly gray. And while she’s used to fighting for the life of her patients, this secret may lead to a death she cannot prevent – her own.





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