And All Those New Sorts of Things

Did you think you were rid of me?

You are not!

It just takes some sorting, don’t you think? An altogether new year ought to have a moment or two to itself – to finish, to absorb, to note the passing and coming. Just as life can spring from death and death from life, so a year can come and go together and at once.

And now on, always on.

Did you set goals?

Please say yes. Otherwise I might believe I’m the only one sinking into this horrendous trap known as resolutions.

I made approximately 47. That way when I keep 3, I can feel a sense of pride and watch my chest swell accordingly. That’s so there’s room for my medal.

I’ll focus on the writing though, since that’s what we come together here to speak of –

My goal is to complete several IP projects, unless of course I get 92 pages in and realize I have a hunk of coal on my hands. But at present, they are as follows:

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: completed but needs editing. I like to think not much, but don’t we all. The story of a man whose trade is human, and who believes he’s found the one who will bring him to the top of his game – until he discovers she’s hiding secrets of her own.

Paper Moon on a Crystal Sea: Nano 2012 shoutout! Desperately needs editing. Truly. Part adventure, part fantasy – what would you do if you learned you had a gift that was far more of a burden..and not only did you not know how to use it, but it comes from somewhere beyond you, you cannot control it – but someone else can, and will, unless you stop them?

The Sea Between Eternity and Time: I am becoming crazily excited about this book, you guys! It’s the sequel to Paper Moon, my first sequel ever, and in a genre utterly new to me, and the further I understand what this book is going to be about and the story that will be told, the more excited I am. Think Prophecy, Hope, Anticipation…redemption.

Stories from the Spaces: a half written novel that is truly a collection of short stories compiled by a single thread story of a journalist who has an “oops” with a source and is exiled to the Midwest to gather some human interest stories. Excited to complete!

Dark Horses: What if vampires are not made, not born – but choose to be? And most importantly, if beauty is the most desirable thing, what happens to a human taken by mistake and swept into a game far beyond what she can comprehend? Four chapters in, many more to go!


Well I think that’s enough of that – I probably lost most of you at the mere concept of resolution anyways! But I’d love to hear from you: what’s simmering in your 2013 literary crockpot? And most importantly – do crockpots simmer? Another resolution is to avoid the setting off of my smoke alarm for at least three consecutive months.


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