Kicking and Screaming

Chalk it up to lessons learned –

-As an aside, I learn many lessons. This is because I am a forgetful person: you know, the annoying type that you have to remind over and over of things, or that in the midst of a conversation are suddenly staring off into space? Here I stand. –

Today I discovered, yet again, that old truth about inspiration – about the act of creation, really.

It does not always come easily.

I know this. But I’m one of what seems to be the lucky few – the ones for whom creating is usually a joyous outpouring. Most of the time, I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the words. Do I type a great deal of truly horrific things?

Yes. And no, I have no shame.

However, sometimes I feel empty.

I’ve learned in the past that at times, silence is required. I’ll tell you about it sometime.

But I’ve learned, too, that sometimes silence requires some poking and prodding – it can be uninspired laziness in disguise. And the best way to divest yourself of it?

Well, that changes from time to time, but it almost always has to do with an open computer, or a paint-laden brush, or tied-on pointe shoes. It has to do with perusing old work and fixing small errors, typing up handwritten things that didn’t make it to the computer, gazing at pictures.

Preparing for rain, as they say.

My words were bruised, a bit worse for the wear – but they’re still there. Your gift is still there, too. Make sure you’re ready when it comes again.



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